Specialty: 1.5 hr woodland dog walks

Recent Feedback

Joe, Susan, and Maezie:  Our Welsh Terrier has enjoyed “Fun Dog Fitness” once a week since May 2012.  There is no better indicator of how much she LOVES it than seeing her waiting by the door every Tuesday morning to be picked up. She cannot wait to run and play with friends, take long walks through parks, and get special exercise.  This is a great program.
Sue and Sasha:  Last year we got a puppy named Sasha from the Arlington Shelter and I heard through a neighbor about a wonderful woman who had a Dog Fitness business right in our area.. What perfect timing!!!  My furry friend and I are thrilled that Linda Benson will take dogs on adventures all around our region. From Roosevelt Island to a swimming pool in Bethesda our Sasha is exercised, socialized and exhausted when she arrives back home.  When Linda knocks on the door Sasha is excited and ready to go, this has turned out to be one of the best things I have done for my sweet girl…thank you Linda!
Sandra H:  How is it possible??! Someone lovesIMG_3601 my sweet Greta as much as, or possibly even more than I do. Thank you for caring for and loving my precious little weenie with the patience and gentle touch that she needed. You are gifted with the four paw set, and your love and dedication to them is undeniable. Best wishes to you and your gang.
Sally’s mom:  My dog Sally loves her days at FDF.  She is always super excited when she is picked up and happily tired when she arrives back home.  She is clearly much healthier due to the exercise she gets at FDF!photo 3
Leigh for Buoy:  Fun Dog Fitness has been nothing short of the perfect experience for our active dog!  Linda has been an excellent addition to our dog’s weekly routine.  She provides a fun, safe, outdoor experience while we are working, and as a result, we have a much happier and healthier dog!photo 2