Specialty: 1.5 hr woodland dog walks


photo 3 photo 4How is FDF different? 

We provide fun aerobic exercise outings for your dog in the company of  other dogs in varied settings to enrich your dog’s life.  We want to challenge mind, body, and spirit for a healthy, happy, longer life.  Your dog will get to sniff, explore, sweat and play in new places everyday.  Just like people, dogs need regular exercise as dogs remain largely inactive unless we interact with them to make them exercise.  In recent studies solitary dogs were inactive 80% of the time while dogs housed in groups still lay around 60% of the time (Chow Hounds, by Dr. Earnest Ward, DVM).

Why does my dog need so much exercise?

Research shows that well-exercised and properly fed dogs may live up to 30% longer than their sedentary counterparts!  Studies indicate that about 50% of dogs are overweight and 25% are obese.  While less food is needed to lose weight, exercise helps and is a requirement for a healthy dog.  Even being a little over weight is not healthy and can result in expensive vet bills to combat all of the diseases brought on by extra fat.  An early death can be avoided if your dog leads a healthier life.

As in humans, fat puts dogs at risk for heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and much more.  Exercise helps get the pounds off and can even grow more brain cells, making your dog smarter!  And exercise has been proven to increase happiness as well as eliminate behavior problems and anxiety.  If your dog is overweight, we will work to understand their current lifestyle and make recommendations for diet and exercise, working in conjunction with your vet to achieve a healthy weight and fitness level.  If their weight is fine, we will work to keep them in tip top shape for many happy and healthy years to come.

What else should I know?

We are passionate about all things dog.  Linda as an engineer has always had a need to research as much as possible.  She has read or consulted with some of the top experts in the field of dog food and exercise, as well as behavior and training.  Many people work long hours or have schedule commitments which can’t always enable them to provide their dog the needed exercise and social contact they require to be at their best.  Dogs need to be with both dogs and people.  Let us help you add these exciting adventures to your dog’s life so they may enjoy the benefits and experience fabulous days!