Specialty: 1.5 hr woodland dog walks


Founder Linda Benson and the Story of Fun Dog Fitness

I worked many years in the corporate world as a general manager after having obtained a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue and a Harvard MBA.  A long-time friend from my years of growing up in a small Ohio town said, “you love your dogs more than anybody we know and you love to exercise.  Why don’t you combine the two?!”  With some soul-searching and the encouragement of family and friends, Fun Dog Fitness was created.  I changed my career direction to follow my passions:  dogs, exercise and the outdoors.

Onward and upward!  After weeks of researching, reading, googling, exploring, practicing, questioning, and much more, I am confident we have developed an excellent program so that your dog will have a great time with us. We will work with you and your vet to make sure your dog is as happy and healthy as they can be for a long, fulfilling life with you.

I am a dog lover and my family includes the sweetest little dogs anyone could imagine (not unlike everyone’s dogs!!).  Five years ago I adopted Teddy and Tessa, two little Havanese bundles of energy and happiness.  It’s been an unconditional love affair ever since.

Experts agree that physically and mentally challenging your dog in a social environment – which is what we provide – contributes to their overall health and well-being and makes them live longer with significantly fewer health issues.

I have met wonderful people and their dogs since Teddy and Tessa scampered into my life. And like many dog parents, I’ve wanted the best for my own dogs:  good health, love and affection, and fun things to do, even summer camp!

We’ve attended Camp Unleashed almost every season as many dogs and their humans do. Another friend said let me get this straight, “You drove 1000 miles to let your dogs run off leash?”  Yes I did. I lived in Chicago at the time where I would never dream of dropping their leashes and was very hesitant about dog parks. But when we stayed at Camp Unleashed, I saw what fun it was to see them play, run, swim, sniff, and explore at camp.  When we arrive at the camp each year, Teddy and Tessa can hardly contain themselves.  They remember!  Camp Unleashed is my inspiration for Fun Dog Fitness.

My goal is to assure your dog is exercised and challenged mentally and physically in fresh air and in exciting places each day, while having fun with other dogs and the new humans who love them too.  I want your dog to have the wonderful experience Teddy, Tessa and I have enjoyed – just like Camp Unleashed.  Come join us at Fun Dog Fitness.  And Welcome!                      Linda Benson, April 2012