Specialty: 1.5 hr woodland dog walks


Fun Dog Fitness – A great alternative to dog walking and dog daycare

photo 1 photo 4 photo 2Fun Dog Fitness is Alexandria, Arlington, and Annandale’s  only canine service providing daily outdoor adventures for your beloved dog.  Activities include brisk walks, jogging, hiking, and rollerblading in NOVA’s many parks and trails.  Also offered are off-leash play and agility in private fenced areas.

We know that dogs need daily exercise and socialization with people and other dogs.  When left alone for extended periods of time, your dog may be lonely and feel isolated.  A sedentary life is unhealthy for them.  New outdoor activities which provide fresh air bring stimulating experiences and a healthier, happier dog with renewed energy.  While you are having a fabulous day at work, your dog will have a fabulous day at play!

Would your dog enjoy a more exciting day?  Do they get along great with other people and other dogs?  Then they would be perfect for Fun Dog Fitness!  We provide different exercise levels to meet the needs of puppies to seniors.  Sessions are designed around what energizes your dog and are at a pace specific to your dog’s needs.  Great for puppies, high energy dogs, dogs that need to get in better shape, older dogs, and dogs that just want to have a good time.  The result is a happy and healthy dog who has had lots of fun getting fit or a just a little bit healthier.  Experts have found that fit dogs may live 30% longer than their more sedentary counterparts.

In addition, at your request, we review your dog’s calorie intake and current exercise and provide our recommendations going forward for your and your vet’s approval to assure they will be in top shape.  We provide regular updates on your dog’s progress.

Of note, we:

  • Completed the American Red Cross requirements for Dog First Aid.
  • Obtained hike leader training through the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club and regularly participate in Central Maryland Hiking Dogs and Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group outings.
  • Have participated in sports for years:  Big Ten college tennis, marathons, triathlons, snowboarding, rollerblading, biking.

How it Works

We meet with you and your dog first for a complimentary consult and evaluation to determine what would best suit your pup.  Adventure outings are Monday through Friday and might include a hike in Potomac Overlook, a rollerblade in Fort Hunt Park, a jog along the Mt. Vernon Trail or play in a private yard.  No two days in the week will be the same.  We want to have as much fun as your dog and we work hard to keep each session fresh and exciting.

We provide pick-up and drop-off service as well.

If there is another one or two dogs in the group they will all be the same level, similar size and temperament.  Before we introduce a dog to another dog, we will have taken them on several solo outings to get to know them.  Of course with only 1-3 dogs in a group they are given lots of attention and affection and are closely monitored to assure their safety.

Current service areas are Alexandria, Arlington and Annandale but please call if you are outside these areas, as we are currently expanding.

To Set Up Service

Please give Linda a call at (703) 650-5115 or email at fundogfitness@icloud.com to set up an initial consult or contact her through the Contact Page.  We are looking forward to meeting you and your special family member!